Winter street style ( keeping warm )

October 31, 2017

So November is just around the corner and the temperature is dropping quickly and not leaving us much time to plan our outfits out in the morning before leaving the house. I love winter but this is something I personally struggle with myself and have asked others and ,apparently they are having the same issue. College mornings can be a drag when you have to get yourself up at 7am when its still dark and freezing and you don't want to leave your duvet, I feel you girl thats me all the time and I would much rather rock into college in my wonsie but I ovbs can't do that.


So I've got some winter trends for you guys that you can easily create on a quick morning before you head out the door and you will be much warmer than your usual outfits. I know the feeling when your stuck because you feel like your going to be wearing the same hoodie and jeans all week as your scared to show a little skin, well you can show a little skin but replace it with something else.


All these things can be found in thrift stores if your on a budget, just got to keep your eyes open for what you want!


Checkered suits - Casual but smart, pair it with a white T-shirt and a good pair of shoes!

The fluffy coat - Throw this over any outfit and it will keep you warm and its still one of the trendiest things this winter for everyone to see

Overalls in the fall? layer up your summer overalls with a long sleeved roll neck and your good to go!



Tweed two piece - Nothing says better then a tweed two piece that isn't long and you can pair with tights, over the knee socks for that blaire waldolf look or ankle socks with a nice pair of leather loathers to Finnish off the school preppy look!






Good old long mack - always doe's the job to keep the cold bitter winds off you whilst making it a statement piece to your outfit






Baker boy hat - Falls latest trend is the amazing baker boy hat that will be telling people straight away the kinda women you are as your walking down the street!



Comfy 2 piece - It's close to being pjs but in a more trendy way.

 Long skirts, over sized knits and hoop handle bags! - winters go to items!


Fanny packs aren't just for the festival now guys they are hitting the streets this season making sure you always have your bag on you and always looking good.













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