Men in Velvet?

October 20, 2017

Daymm yep that was my first thoughts too when I discovered this beautiful trend on guys. I don't know if you know but I love my new velvet jacket, but I think I like the look of these guys more...for a guy I think it would be harder to try something very out there like this as its not your everyday piece you would see walking down the street.


Autumn is here and I think this is the perfect opportunity to change up your wardrobe and so why not bring in autumns latest trend, velvet. If a guy turned up and my door wearing something this good I defiantly couldn't turn them down. Its smart and trendy and can pretty much be pulled off by any guy throw on a dicki bow and a box of chocolates and girls will be chasing you. unless they don't like velvet, then thats another story.


Velvet can be worn with a lot of things, you can even be crazy and go double velvet if your feeling out there. I personally think maroon velvet jackets, a white shirt , a pair of good skinny jeans and loathers are the perfect look.


And you guys thought I just did these blog posts for girls ;) 










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