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October 12, 2017



 Hey guys so as I'm sure you are all aware that my name is Lou O'loughlin, well actually its Louise but I hate that name so I shortened it down to Lou as its always been a knick name people have given me anyway, well apart from , peahead,golem and kidda.....dont even ask, its been a tough few years copying with the odd nicknames haha! So basically I could write paragraphs about the things I love and life and the people in my life and so on but I'm just gonna list load of facts about me so you actually know me and I'm not just the girl who's posts you read as I feel its better that way, so here you go!


- Im actually a natural brunette ( but blonde suits me better and my personality )


- Im 18 years old and my birthday is on the 11th of April 


- My fave go to foods have to be pasta and cheese, noodles,pizza and toast ( not together haha)


- Ive always loved fashion since a young age and I even tried to flush my pre school uniform

down the toilet because i didn't like it, and replace it with a sequin skirt...year 5 year old lou ended up getting sent home for that haha!


- If I was to live anywhere in the world these would, be the places ( LA ,canada,italy)


- I went on a skiing trip to cali when I was 15 and it happened to be my birthday when we went and it was the best experience ever!


- I have had a youtube channel since I was 13/14 years old - I did get bullied for that but it never stopped me


- I want to study fashion design in London in uni hopefully


- I own 9 horses , 5 dogs,2 cats and about 30 chickens...yep its a lot isn't it


- I have been horse ridding since the age of 5 but don't do it as much now


- I have two ponies of my own (Patch & Petra)


- If I was to get another dog it would be a husky


- I live in the uk and always have but would like to move abroad in the future


- Ive always wanted my own type of clothing line of some kind so I created a t-shirt line this year

and its a slow progress but you got to start somewhere


- Im and odd individual but quirky and fun and I'm not afraid to show that


- I make friends with new people very easily and thats a skill I will always be grateful for


- I love sunsets


- Im very passionate about photography and have been since a young age


- I studied photography for a year but found it ruined it as a hobby so swapped to fashion this year.


- My youtube channel is called Lou'slife16 the name was renamed when i was 16 because thats when I felt my channel was most likely to change.


- I love the outdoors & camping!

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