Emerald green & American pizza slice

October 10, 2017















 Hey guys so heres a cheeky outfit of the day post for you guys! it was a usual full day in college today and then I went out and got these pics after spending some time in American pizza slice in bold street when I was catching up on some work for college. I then went out for a Starbucks with my friend becky aka (speedo) <--- your welcome becky :) and overall it was a very nice day.


My outfit was super comfy, simple and looked like I had made effort but it was just a little thinking ahead. I love my denim skirt and its probably one of my most worn pieces in my wardrobe, its a little big on me so I paired it with a tan leather belt, this also added detail to my outfit as well as stopping my skirt from falling off so thats always a plus. My top is a top that I have designed that will soon be coming to my store on sale, its one of my favourite t-shirts now and I'm not just saying that because its mine I honestly love graphic t-shirts like this so I thought I would create my own with a pic of young kate moss on in bikini bottoms and a crop top.


The tights that I'm wearing here are black fishnets and I'm never too sure on how to wear these as I feel like there very stripper looking tights if you don't wear them the right way. As young girls probably know in our generation that they are a fashion statement but to the old people in my home town look at me as if I'm trying to look like a stripper, yep I got the death stares at the train station this morning. I pared them with these pretty interesting socks that I love as the have two strips of mesh on the ankle allowing you to see skin so its different to your usual socks, but in my case today it showed the details of the fishnet tights giving it a pretty cool effect. I wore the socks because I was torn between wearing the socks and the tights and also the tights are really uncoftable to wear on your feet by themselves.


The look was simple so I didn't want to pair this outfit with a crazy pair of shoes so I kept it simple with my white lace up platform pumps that pretty much go with any outfit and are quick and easy for when your running out the door in a rush. The look was finished off with my college louis vuitton bag that fits my whole life in that I'm grateful for and this new beautiful emerald green velvet long jacket/coat. I had many compliments on this coat today and I also had a few people say I looked like I was trying to look like the joker...But it was mainly good comments. Ive never owned a velvet jacket and I'm so glad I do now. I spotted this is a thrift store at the weekend and got it for £5!! yes you heard me right, such a good deal! Its still in great condition with all the buttons on and you can tell its been well looked after. I love this jacket as you can pair it with such a simple outfit like this and it brings the whole look together. So I named the coat veronica, veronica the velvet coat... I have no shame haha. So yeah this was probs my most longest blogpost so i'll stop here, hope you enjoyed it :)

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