Snowdonia - Gold Expedition

October 1, 2017















 Hey guys so I've been away on my gold D of E in Snowdonia for the past 5 days and well its been a challenge to say the least. Theres not loads to write about it really but I have some pictures and some interesting stories. Typical lou on day one I fell in a bloody bog and half my leg got soaked in boggy mud, so that was nice walking with soaking wet boots for the rest of the day, i just kinda took it to be honest and lay there after realising it wasn't a small puddle I thought I could of jumped haha. Then later that day we climbed a mountain called tryfan and got stuck on that till 9pm due to people being injured and loosing the track. So we ended up going to another campsite near by as it was pitch black and couldn't get in touch with the leaders so had to get these random people to drive us back to our camp and didn't pitch our tent back at camp till 10:45 in the pouring rain....wasn't fun.


The walks were pretty heavy and we would have to wake up at 4:45 to be up and ready before the assessor came and we would have to of packed our bags up, eaten and packed our tent up by 6:30 so its not your usual daily routine for sure. The walks were hard due to the inclines that really killed you over after walking for 13/14hrs a day. its not everyday that your muscles are used to climbing a mountain and for that distance so it deffinetly was a challenge to start with.


On the 3rd day I was ill as i ate a chicken tikka camping food thing and it didn't go to well as I was sick all that night and the next morning so I didn't walk that morning and got taken out for a veggie breakfast, warmed up a bit, got some sleep on the bus and energy back into me then set back out when I had more energy and felt better. That wasn't the nicest experience and I didn't know anyone there either so that was pretty shit. I was close to going home after that morning due to feeling so sick but after I got a bit of strength back I decided to go back out and Finnish off the two days left. So I finished my gold and passed thankfully, I would recommend doing it due to the experiences and the views but just get fit for it, your gonna need to!


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