Why Cher is your "It" girl for back to school style

September 5, 2017

 Hey guys if your reading this then well your probably here to figure out why Cher Horowitz is your IT girl for back to school season, and if you don't know who she is then well I'll give you permission to stop reading this and go watch clueless on netflix! Cher horowitz is a daddy's girl who has great style but a serious shopping problem, sounds familiar doesn't it? 


We don't all have an iPad that picks out our outfit for us every morning but she can help us a little more on those mornings when were sat on our bedroom floors moaning about having nothing to wear as were surrounded by tones of clothes. 


Plaide - is a trend that will never fade out and your not gonna get judged for wearing it like Cher back in the 90's look at her she looks dam hot and so will you! Never second think on pushing the boat out with your outfit , if you wanna wear that bright jumper with a plaid 2 piece  suite then you rock it. 


Knee high socks -will always be around , you might not always see people wearing them but there are gonna be needed this winter when you want to wear that cute mini skirt and show a bit of leg without freezing your legs off. 


Big Collars - Yes you heard that right, big collars? seems like a weird one and it might not suit everyone but try it out, throw on a white shirt under a little dress and it will give your look more detail, probs keep you warmer this autumn and well your gonna look freaking cute!


A line skirts - Every girl should have an A line skirt in there closet through there life time I personally think. Its a great go to piece that you can wear with anything and it will makes an outfit that you could of put together with minimal effort look fab in an instance!


Blazer - Blazers are another staple piece that you have to have if not 10 blazers! okay I was being a bit dramatic there but seriously blazers are the new thing you can wear them with a basic tee and jeans and your gonna be looking stylish and put together even if you had 5 mins to get ready and forgot to brush your hair before leaving the house....not me at all.





Cher Hororitz  back to school look book











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