August 24, 2017

 Hairstyles -


 Festivals are all about expressing yourself  thats either through the way you act or the way you dress and hair is a big statement as its a big part of your look. You can go crazy on the hair for festivals because everyone is outgoing and creative with there looks and no-one is going to judge you for having a bit of fun with your hair style! 


Colour -


Adding colour to your hair for a festival is a very big thing and if I was going to a festival this year I would definitely throw in a crazy colour. There are many semi permanent hair colours that you can purchase in store such as superdrug and boots and other shops. If your'e not wanting to be that crazy and do that but still want to whack in some quick colours then thats when hair chalk is gonna be your go to product. This is also very easy to find in shops and comes in many colours to suit what look you're going for.


Glitter it up! - 


One of the latest hair trends for festivals that has also been seen on the catwalks is glitter on the scalp! I personally have to say this is one of my fave festival looks because it stands out so much and it covers your bad roots if you're in that situation. Even if you are in day 3 with greasy hair just throw some dry shampoo on it and some glitter and no-one will notice ( hopefully :P )


Braids - 


Braids have always been a big look throughout the years at festivals and I honestly think it will be a trend that will never fade. There are many ways that you can braid your hair for a festival if its the classic two braids, braids into space buns thats always a more fun look or just a side fishtail plait thats simple but bohemian. Im personally not the best at braiding hair but I think you can get away with a messy braid look at a festival and like I said before , you can always throw some glitter over your hair to make it look better.


Flower crown - 


Vanessa Hudgens will always be remembered as the coachella queen who rocked the flower crown look and has inspired girls to carry on that trend through the years at festivals. Flower crowns can be worn with almost every festival hairstyle that you can think of but it looks best with some good messy curls.



Bringing the catwalk look to festivals!

 Festivals are always fun but when you get to go crazy with your makeup for them its even better! When I think of crazy makeup looks I seem to always think of the mad but artistic catwalk makeup looks that are shown on the runway that I always love but there not always suitable as a everyday makeup look but you could easily introduce them into your festival makeup look as its all about expressing yourself and the more colour and glitter the better. So this is your chance to bring something different to the festival that will wow people and is hopefully different to what everyone else is wearing. So here are some of my favourite looks that I have seen and think would be great for you guys!



Let the sun shine!

 Wherever your festival is hopefully the sun will come out at some point so you need to be prepared with some snazzy sunglasses as your Dior or expensive ray bans might not be exactly appropriate for the festival and you don't want to ruin them. So this is when your favourite stores like top shop, river island and Primark etc are gonna have your back. They have every style of sunglasses under the sun for you and there all at reasonable prices. Mirrored sunnies always seem to look great on anybody and theres so many colours that you can get them in now  from purple to even yellow!


You also have your crazy over the top sunglasses that are either covered in flower detailing, peace signs over the lenses or there made to look like you're  wearing big pink flamingos on your face. They are bound to make people smile but hey they are doing the job right? and well you are gonna look weird but cool at the same time.




Fashion Festival -

 Your gonna want to look ace for the festival that you are attending but you are also going to want to be able to last the day feeling good and not moaning about being cold and uncomfortable so heres your guide to rock that festival look in the best way this year!


Not everyone can go to coachella where the weather is beaming hot and it doesn't rain. So for all of us who are attending the big festivals in the uk where your going to be expecting rain on at least one day and it might not be the warmest for you but you can't let that from stopping you looking good at the same time.


Coats - 


Coats, macs , jackets are going to be your number one statement piece as its probs going to be what you are gonna be wearing all the time to keep warm and dry but you don't want it to ruin your look. There are so many macs out there for the festivals that are either holographic , Colourful or even clear macs, so you can still see your outfit underneath but you're keeping dry.


Shirts/ Flannels - You can't go wrong with a nice cozy shirt as there are many ways you can style it with different outfits if it means wearing it buttoned up with denim shorts or even tying it around your waist.


Footwear - Wellies are going to be something that you 100% need to take as the weather is never guaranteed to be nice and you don't want to be stuck out with your burkenstocks in a swamp of mud, but you also want to have shoes like burkenstocks that are easy to slide on to dash for food or go to the bathroom. 



Jewel it up!


Your look is almost complete now you just have to throw on load of accessories to Finish it off. The more jewellery the better! 


Flash tattoo's -


Flash tattoos have been an amazing creation and are perfect for festivals because they are light but its just like you are  wearing jewellery and they are metallic and really pretty! There are 100's of designs for you guys to choose from if you search for them. You can also wear these anywhere on your body and can easily be washed off. I find that flash tattoo's look great if you put them on your face , they could even be a substitute for makeup on days when you can't be bothered putting make-up on.


Crystal Crown -


Crystals/ rock accessories always mix in well and bring an earthy feeling to your look. The crystal/ rock crown has been the sister to the flower crown at festivals recently and never fails to make people look great! these can be purchased on websites such as etsy but  you can easily DIY them if you look up tutorials on youtube.




Field Essentials

 There are going to be a few things that are going to be essential to make your festival weekend enjoyable and fun so heres some thing that you can't forget to make sure you look great at all times and feel great too.


hair chalk

Festival hat

Dry shampoo

Dungarees as a lazy but warm outfit

camping boots

Disposable camera - to capture the moments

Camp shower




Tent Life

 It doesn't really matter what kind of tent you take to a festival as most the time your going to out watching the acts and your only going to be in your tent to sleep probably. But if you are someone who wants to go out there and get a cool tent or jazz up there tent inside then tapestry and fairy lights would be perfect and you also have lighting in your tent then for night!


( All these images were found on sources from google and collages were edited by me )


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