Enhance that summer look!

August 23, 2017

Hey guys so as I can imagine a lot of you might have got back off your summer holiday with a nice summer glow and tan and aren't  ready for it to fade and for you to go pasty yet? well thats how I'm feeling anyway, I always feel so much better coming home with a strong tan and try to keep it for as long as possible so I'm gonna tell you guys how to achieve that, and bronze up your make up looks to enhance your summer tan in a cheap and easy way!




The number one thing is to stay moisturised so you keep your skin hydrated and this also prevents your skin from peeling and your tan peeling off as thats the last thing you want. 


Go natural- 


The key is to not cake makeup on as you don't need to cover up that tan you just need to enhance it with a few products. When I'm away I usually don't wear foundation and just keep to my go to eye look, fill in my brows and throw on some eos lip balm or lipgloss if I'm feeling it. Holiday time is the chance you have to give your skin a breather from makeup and you might want to wear something light when you get home so thats when BB creams and light foundations are gonna be your best friend.


Messy Brow-


The natural brow can be achieved with a precise micro pencil from  maybelline  that I have been loving recently its cheap and comes in many shades to suit your eyebrow colour. The micro pencil is great because you can give your brows any shape that you desire and can even just fill them in very slightly giving you that put together natural go to look. you can then set them in place with a clear brow gel that are found in most drugstores or even a clear mascara keeping them brows set for the day.


Golden Goddess-


 I love a good orange eye look personally and I love it even more with a tan so I highly recommend purchasing the cargo cosmetics vintage palette thats versatile for summer and winter! Also my number one favourite eyeshadow palette though that I swear by has to be the too face semi sweet chocolate bar palette that is very like the cargo palette but better and smells like chocolate as its made with coco powder (always a advantage) the colours are very warm and orange/golden toned that will go great with your tan.


Bronze it up!


Who doesn't love a good defined cheek bone? contour is the big craze now and if you do it right then you can almost look as good as Angeline Jollie. If your not 100% sure on how to contour and not sure if you have been doing it right the you girl has you covered. There are many contour kits around now but this can easily be done with a bronzer you already own and then a highlighter. I have been guilty of using my too face semi sweet palette to contour and highlight but I'm not gonna lie it works, if you find the right colour and the key is to blend!



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