Lace dress & Ice cream

August 20, 2017



















Hey guys so if I remember correctly this was our latest orvieto outing before we left to come home. Im saying this because we went to orvieto a few times and I got a lot of pictures to say the least! It was a super hot day and it definitely called for some yummy gelato from our go to place that we had kept on returning to every time we went. Well if you find good gelato you got go back!

This day we did some shopping as I couldn't return home without buying my family and friends some little gifts and well I definitely  wasn't going home without something! we wondered up and down the little streets of orvieto discovering cute little gift shops that were very handy for us! Of course I was stopped by all the stunning bags and sunglasses so I ended up getting some beautiful new sunnies ( not that I haven't got enough already ) that were yellow mirrored all the way around the frame and I just had to have them! can't say I've ever spent  €55 on a pair of sunglasses but hey you gotta live once in a while haven't you! well I didn't stop there..... I spotted these gorgeous designer leather shoes that I had seen in my magazine when travelling up to Italy and it's  as if it was just fait, what can I say ;) I was debating on getting them for ages due to the price but ended up running from the restaurant later on to get them before they closed and the last pair were in my size thankfully! Im so happy I got them in the end as they are honestly beautiful and I have so many outfit ideas with them.


We had also been looking in some very fancy Italian bag stores that are the kind of places you would walk around in but knew you couldn't afford any of there items. I spotted a gorgeous blue floral print cross body bag with a gold chain on but left thinking I would never see it again and to my surprise when we got back to our villa that night my amazing boyfriend had secretly bought me it! I was rather chuffed to say the least and I can't wait to make good use of it! 

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