Red 2 piece

August 12, 2017


 This has to be my favourite bikinis that I have brought on my holiday, as you probably already know I love the colour red , so anything thats comes in red I am likely to love! This is a very simple and un expensive bikini that I purchased off an eBay online shop. just on the off chance I would like it, as I wasn't sure I would certainly like it as its a little more skimpier than my other bikini's and it could of been cheap fabric, but its good quality! Its great for when you want to get rid of those tan lines as well. I personally think every girl should have a bikini like this as its a simple got to that makes you feel great at the same time! I am going to be doing another blog post on the bikinis that I have been wearing on this trip. So make sure to subscribe so you are notified when I put my next blogpost up! 

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