British Collective Clothes show

July 13, 2017

 Hey guys on the 7th of July I attended the well know'n British collective clothes show that was held in liverpool this year and is usually held in birmingham. I have been wanting to go to this event for a few years now but just never got around to going as I wouldn't have anyone to go with or be able to afford the ticket and the money for shopping as I spend my money as soon as I get payed... typical Lou. So this year I attended it with my boyfriend who had no idea what he was getting himself dragged into haha. I went earlier than him as he met me over there later as I wanted to go to the blogger talks that were held in the morning and there was also showrooms there that designers work was held at. The blogger talks were very inspirational and it has defiantly made me want to try harder with my blog.  I was welcomed at the door with a deluxe goodie bag , a VIP pass and a glass of champagne as those things were included in my ticket that i payed more for. I wasn't complaining at all getting all this stuff haha. I wanted to make sure for the first fashion event I attended it was one to be good and not forget. 


The blogger talks were from all sorts of individuals from around the world who talked about there experiences, how they got into it, the do's and the dont's with blogging.They showed there collections on the catwalk after,  if they owned a collection. The biggest trends seemed to be gingham patterns and platform sandals with socks that were shown often and there was also tweed trench coats that might be making a comeback this fall. 


After all that we decided to go to the shopping bit that was held over in the eco arena.  There wasn't as many stores as we thought there would be and sadly there was no guys stores for Jon so he just had to get dragged around the girls shops. I purchased a pair of really nice black women's tracksuits with a red stripe down and  a split on the leg and a Gucci dupe top that actually said guilty on instead from Miss Pap. I also bought a mini grey bag that caught my eye straight away  from easies attic and I went back to the store about three times so knew then I had to get it. We didn't stay long after that as we were both tired and we wanted to go back to just eat. So we missed the catwalk show at 6pm but wish I had stayed to watch it as it looked amazing of what I saw on Instagram.










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