Prom 2017 - Bag essentials you need for a night out

July 7, 2017




 Hey guys so I was invited to prom this year that I was pretty excited for as, well its prom, why wouldn't you be excited? haha. Anyway I thought I would write a bit about my dress and all that prom shabang! My last prom was in year 11 so 2 years ago, feels so crazy it was 2 years ago! anyway for that prom I wore a long pink ombre dress that was beautiful but I knew when I got asked to prom this year by my boyfriend that I wanted to wear something a bit more bold and daring, and your girl loves a a bit of red. So I searched for ages for the perfect red dress online and I was determined to find the perfect one. It will always look different on the model and I knew it wouldn't look as good on me as I have a body like a 12 year old haha. Anyway I was pleased with the dress and decided to order it, I ordered 2 of the same dress but they were off different websites incase one didn't come but they ended up coming at the same time a month before prom, so I was safe. 


I wanted to adjust the dress before prom and forgot to so I had to settle with safety pins and fashion tape a few hours before prom ( typical Lou )  keeping the top of my dress how it was at the beginning of the night. The dress was gorgeous in the end and you had the choice of styling it two different ways the way it was made with long ribbons that wrapped around me. I was stuck for ages on what shoes to wear but I ended up going shopping and getting silver sparkly pointed toe heels at a great price of £22 from new look that finished of the look. My clutch was from primark for £7.99 as the ones in other stores didn't wow me like these did and I kept it simple with a diamond necklace and earrings and a silver bracelet. 


I got my hair done my my amazing best friend Georgia who came and helped me get ready and I am very grateful for having such an amazing best friend like her who would help me like she did. She braided one side of my hair as we tried both sides braided and I looked like an alien and we weren't keen on the alien  look haha.

 Bag Essentials

- Fashion tape



-brow pencil


- cash for taxi and drinks

- pins for dress just incase                 


Anyway the look came together and I had a fab night with my amazing boyfriend and friends and had a blast with many drinks and dancing. so yer thats that :)


Lou x 

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